So, you want to write for BloggerSprout? We’d love to publish your guest post. We do not currently pay our authors but they get a whole lot of public exposure!

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  1. We only accept WordPress-related articles which are in-depth, practical, and useful blog posts with relevant media files.
  2. You are allowed to link to anything useful and relevant, but please avoid any affiliate or self-promotional links, as it goes through tough inspection from our Editorial team.
  3. Use your own images, videos, and resources.
  4. Your content should be plagiarism-free.
  5. Content should not be stuffed with keywords.
  6. We own the right to remove or modify the links.
  7. We can include affiliate links in the post.
  8. The bio should be more than 4 sentences and you’re allowed to add 3 social account links maximum.
  9. Use the form to submit your Post. Posts should have a basic structure and are at least broken down into paragraphs. Guest Author accounts are allocated to those authors who have surpassed 5+ Articles released on BloggerSprout.
  10. Content will be edited and managed by the Editorial Team.

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