How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales With Video Content


Video content has become the most popular marketing tool at present. According to statistics, almost 85% of consumers make their purchases after watching the product or how-to video. Due to this outstanding popularity of video content, top eCommerce brands use video on their website. They include videos, product photos, and detailed descriptions to optimize conversion rates online. If you are running an eCommerce brand, you should consider investing in video content that can multiply the conversion rate.

Today, a maximum digital audience spends more time watching videos than reading any blogs or articles. This is the reason marketers emphasize video content rather than any other conventional marketing tool. However, video content has a vital role in the eCommerce sector, and it can deliver outstanding results that help boost the business.

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Why is video content vital for eCommerce?

Let’s explore why video contents are crucial for eCommerce.

1. Maximum consumer engagement

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There is a saying that a single picture speaks one thousand words, and watching a 2-minute video is equivalent to speaking 1.8 million words.

This is because videos capture the audience’s attention rather than other marketing tools for a long time.

According to a survey, 4 times more consumers prefer to watch product videos rather than read about them. Suppose the email contains the word “video” in the subject line, the opening rate of the email increases by 19%. Twitter data shows that tweets with video content get almost 10 times more engagement compared to text-only content.

Plus, videos can deliver the brand message perfectly to the audience, which no other marketing tool can do, and when the audience gets engaged with you, the sale is bound to grow.

2. Increases the rank of the website

Video contents get more attention from search engines than normal text or images. This is because search engines find videos are high-quality content rather than any other content.

This is why marketers recommend embedding the videos on the website, and in this way, the traffic inflow and the crawl frequency of the search engines get improved. 

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When your website gets the maximum impression from the audience, it gets a higher rank on the search engine result pages.

In this way, you will earn more traffic without spending more on conventional advertising. Plus, giving an appropriate title and caption will perfectly optimize the videos and keep your preferred keywords on top. When your videos get a higher number of viewers, that will rightly spread brand awareness accordingly.

3. Makes a stronger relationship between the brand and the customers

Video contents play a vital role in bridging a strong relationship between the brand and the customers.

Among the different forms of digital communication, video has the most human feeling. This is why many people get motivated after watching product videos and decide to purchase that specific product.

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Video serves as details about a product or brand, unlike text or images. They present the human face, voice, and expression of the eyes. In this way, they represent someone’s personality as he is.

So, the videos’ authenticity is much higher than the text. And a study shows that authenticity is crucial to relying on someone.

With video help, you can make a strong bridge between the brand and the customers, which has had a firm impact on the business for a long time.

When you have a satisfied consumer base, it is quite easy to promote the business and its products. Loyal customers are the real asset of a brand, and video content helps to increase trust.

4. Increment in sales

One thing is for sure: video production is not as easy as we think. It needs proper skill and resources to produce. Today, many marketers use video maker tools to produce quality videos without large investments.

According to a survey, 87% of businesses agree that video marketing campaigns give a good return on investment.

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The easy availability of various video production tools has helped eCommerce brands reduce their video production investment. These tools can help you produce high-quality eCommerce videos that can impress the audience.  

When you have less investment in video production and a higher sales rate, your ROI is bound to cross the expectation. Moreover, embedding videos on the website will increase conversion by 80%.

It shows how much video marketing is essential for your eCommerce success.

What are the types of videos you should make to boost eCommerce sales? 

There are different types of videos that can be used to boost eCommerce sales. Some of them are given below.

1. Product videos

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Product videos are considered the most effective video content that strongly impacts the audience. While making the product videos, make sure that you have answered the three basic questions in the video.

  • What are the main features and benefits of the product?
  •  The working process of the product.
  •  Why should the viewer purchase the product?

While making the produced video, you need to emphasize these three things, and once your video answers these three basic questions, the audience will surely accept that.

2. Unboxing videos

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Unboxing any new product is truly exciting! With unboxing videos, you have to share this excitement with the viewers, by which the viewers will be inspired.

You should make videos in such a way that they will look natural. Plus, the video should demonstrate how the product will look when it arrives at the customer’s doorstep.

You can make authentic videos, and they should transmit a sense of originality. In this way, the viewers will easily put trust in your brand.

3. Interview videos of the experts

Many people rely on experts, and when they endorse any product, customers purchase them without any hesitation. Experts have authority in their respective fields, and they are also trustworthy.

To promote a specific product, you can take the assistance of these experts, and a large number of people will be motivated by their endorsements.

Initially, you can hire influencers in the industry, and you can ask about their point of view and ask questions regarding the product. All these question-answer sessions can be filmed and aired for further circulation.

4. Video testimonials

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Video testimonials of the products are known as social proof. They provide concrete evidence about the effectiveness of the product or service.

Your potential customers will likely buy the product after watching the video testimonials by previous customers. So, as a brand, you shouldn’t feel shy to ask previous customers to share their positive views through the video.

These videos will help you win the trust of a large number of viewers who will become potential customers after watching the video.

5. Video tutorials

Video tutorials or how-to videos are the most popular video contents that can firmly impact sales.

These videos mainly show how to use the products and how they can aid your daily life. Plus, these types of videos are best to motivate buyers who don’t have trust in the claims being made by marketing professionals.

Final Thoughts

Video has been in the mainstream and using video in your e-commerce store and business will boost your exposure and sales.

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