How To Choose A Domain Name


Domain names are important but how deeply have they thought about it. If you think that you will write quality content and provide valuable products to your customer and whatever your domain name may be, people will visit your website.

Then wait, not so fast.

Key element to your website is the domain name and it can make or break your business or your blog.

So it’s very crucial and important to decide and come up with a really good domain name that fulfills your purpose.

Why is a  perfect domain name so important and how to choose a domain name.

  • First impression is the last impression
  • Has any effect on SEO
  • Make you a brand
  • Word of mouth
  • Easily describable

These are few of the points that you should keep in mind while choosing a good domain name.

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Types of Domain name

Basically there are 3 types of domain name and they are 

  • Personal name domain name
  • Keyword-based domain name
  • Brand type domain name

So in this article, I will guide you through how to choose a perfect domain name,  which tools to use to search for a perfect domain name, what are the things to take care while searching for a domain name  and from where can you buy a domain name.

So let’s get started

how to choose a domain name

1. Use the Right Domain Name Extension

Always go with .com.  The .com is the most popular extension for any domain and is being used by more than 45% of all the domains registered.

While some other successful domains are .net and .org,  I will advise to always stick with .com extension.

If the domain you are searching and it’s .com, .org or .net  is taken, then you should better start brainstorming and find a new domain.

2. Short Is Better Than Long

Search my datagenetics has found out that the most popular domain Names has 12 characters.

It’s good to get a domain which is 6 to 15 characters long,  is short and easy to Remember. What’s if the short domain names are already taken. So brainstorm and find some good simple short domain names.

Our website  

  • BloggerSprout is 13 Characters long
  • WPBeginning  is 11 Characters long
  • WPGuruji is 8 Characters long

The shorter the best.

3.  Easy To Pronounce

Your domain name should be easily pronounceable by any person.  The harder it takes to pronounce, the harder it will be remembered by the person. 

You can easily pronounce, and our own website

But try spelling this

Have you spelled “ Americas Crap Metal” but it’s wrong,  The correct pronunciation is “ America Scrap Metal”.

4. Easy to type 

You don’t want your visitor and your customer to type the wrong domain name to make some spelling mistake just because you have gone extra creative and chosen a domain name that has some number for hyphen or some extra characters.

While choosing a perfect domain name, your focus should be on choosing a name that comes straight to mind and can be easily typed by your visitor without making any mistake.

Here are some few examples

Google,  Facebook,  BloggerSprout,  WBBeginning, GloriousThemes, Twitter etc

5. Avoid Hyphens And Numbers

As we said your domain name should be easily pronounceable and easy to type and that can be achieved if you include some hypen or number in your domain name.

Just imagine if would be  Can you remember that and type it in your browser.

I bet you can’t and Facebook won’t be so popular if it would have included a hyphen. 

6.  Choose A Domain That Reflect Your Website

As we said earlier that there are three types of domain. 

how to choose a domain name

Our website is mainly focused on blogging and to help bloggers and create new bloggers so we have chosen the keyword blogger and used it in our domain name BloggerSprout.

You should use tools like ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, to find domain names with that keyboard.

Keywords not only just help your domain name sound beautiful but it also provides some advantages from the SEO point.

8. Expandable and Future ready

If you love the iPhone and you are thinking to buy a domain name with the Tom

Then that name is perfect for only living iPhone 11,  but you can’t expand your brand name beyond that and it’s not future-proof as iPhone 12 soon will be released and your domain name would not be relevant with the name “iPhone11review”.

Always choose a domain name that you can expand in the future and his future ready. here in this case you could have chosen – “”.

Since its future ready,  expandable to all the brands of phone  and can be used as long as you want to.

9. Not Trademarked by someone.

The last mistake that you would do while choosing a domain name is to register someone else Trademark in your domain name.  In the above example, if you would have chosen “” then the iPhone is a Trademark of Apple and they could soon take some legal action against you.

So we have suggested to go with “”  since in this name no company’s name is included or any Trademark violation is done.  your domain name and you will be always in good hands.

You can  check if your domain has a registered trademark of any other company by clicking on this link

If the keyword on the domain name that you have chosen contains a Trademark And The trademark is registered it’s better to leave that domain name for the keyboard and focus on something else.

Remember –  Precaution is Better than Cure.

10.  How To Get Some ideas For Your New Domain Name

Here I have mentioned some of the favourite tools that are used to search for a new domain name when I run out of ideas.

Using these tools you will get a general idea of some possible words to put in your domain.  But be careful you should always run a Trademark check before buying a domain name as these tools only suggest you the name but they don’t check for trademark issues.

Here are some of the tools That I Used personally

  1. Wordoid. This tool allows you to plug in a word; it will come up with ideas that either contain that word, begin with that word or end with that word.
  2. Lean Domain Search. This tool matches your keyword with other keywords and generates a list of available domains.
  3. DomainHole. This tool allows you to search keywords, find expired domains, generate new names, and more.
  4. Namechk
  5. Knowem

11. Where to Register my Domain Name

You can Register a Perfect Domain Name on Namecheap,  Click this link to get an additional discount Offer automatically applied during checkout.

Here is a complete guide on How to Register a Domain Name.

Alright, But I also want to start a blog?

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Don’t Over Think

This is the most common question that I hear from most of the people and that contact me or ask me about blogging or getting a domain name is that they overthink their success before they even get started.

Some of them just want a particular domain name which is already being registered by someone and they ask how they can get that

Well in my advice and my knowledge I will just say to you that you should focus on getting started the right way,  and for any reason your domain name is already being registered by someone you can choose an alternative version of it.

If you want to start a blog then get our free blogging course – “  blogging the right way” by clicking on this link.

Let me know if you have any doubts or any queries you can contact me or leave a comment down below.

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