List of Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers

Traveling is the fuel for a Free Mind and Soul.

Everyone loves to travel but traveling is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things that you need to know before traveling to any particular destination.

Things like how to travel, things to carry, the best mode of travel, cost of traveling, accommodation available and other things. Now as traveling is getting very popular and is a point of attraction and many people have made travel blogging a career and earn money through it.

So, if you are a travel blogger and want to discover the way to earn money from your travel blogs than these travel affiliate programs can definitely help you out.

There are very few companies that support travel affiliate marketing programs and being a travel blogger, its very hard to blog while traveling and it’s even harder to monetize your blog and earn money from your contents. Many new bloggers who start their travel blogging journey don’t make any money from their content.

There are only a few travel bloggers that find great sponsorship and get a free travel and free hotel stays, but not everyone is lucky.

Travel blogging can generate a huge income and is a very profitable niche specially if you love to travel and document it. Travel blogging can generate huge income from several income streams.

So, in this article I have listed down the best Affiliate Marketing Programs for travel niche that is also used to generate income on the site

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

16 Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Earn Money

With a good website or an app, you can easily earn a great amount of income just from affiliate marketing.

Best Travel Affiliate ProgramsCommission RateJoin Link
Booking Affiliate ProgramUpto 40% CommissionSign Up Now
TripAdvisor Affiliate ProgramUpto 50% CommissionSign Up Now
Travala Affiliate Program5% CommissionSign Up Now
Expedia Affiliate ProgramUp to 11% CommissionSign Up Now
Agoda Affiliate Program5% CommissionSign Up Now
AirB&B Affiliate ProgramUpto $72 Per ReferralSign Up Now
ShareASaleUp tp 40% CommissionSign Up Now
Impact RadiusUp tp 40% CommissionSign Up Now
Amazon Associates4% CommissionSign Up Now
Tripver Affiliate ProgramSign Up Now
Hotels Combined Affiliate ProgramUp to $2 Per leadSign Up Now
TravelPayouts Affiliate ProgramUp to 70% CommissionSign Up Now
Cruise Direct Affiliate Program3% CommissionSign Up Now
Wego Affiliate ProgramUp to $0.80 Per ClickSign Up Now
Lonely Planet Affiliate ProgramUp tp 15% CommissionSign Up Now
OYO Affiliate ProgramUp tp 20% CommissionSign Up Now

1. Booking Affiliate Program is a popular website in the travel industry.

It allows you to join the affiliate partner program if you have a blog/website, app, or travel agency. If you have the right amount of traffic or a good customer base with good reputation then this program is for you.

How Much Can you earn as an Affiliate from

You can earn commission ranging from 25% to 40%. The longer the stay is using your referral, then higher you can earn.

The calculation is very simple.

The commission rate also depends on the month of booking.

How Will you get paid and When?

You will receive your payment from booking through PayPal after one month of confirmation of booking.

Why Booking?

Booking is one of the leading website for travel accommodation. It has a variety of hotels and other stay options.

It has served over 1 Million rooms that get booked every single day. It’s insane, Right.

The website also provides you several options and tools to promote the hotels and resorts from their website and earn a good commission from it. They also provide you banner ads, search boxes, HTML codes, and also a WordPress Plugin.

Is Booking Reliable?

Yes, booking is a very reliable source and it also has a well-dedicated customer support team, which can help you out from any problem.

2. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

After Booking, TripAdvisor is the oldest player in this category. This is one of the oldest websites for travel accommodation and its category ranges from hotels, restaurants, resorts and millions of people use it every day for booking.

How Much Will I earn from

TripAdvisor provides commission rates upto 50%. Yes, That half the price of any booking.

If you are a top level affiliate in the Trip Advisor then you can eary upto 80% commission. The rate also depends on the amount of transaction.

How Will you get paid from TripAdvisor Affiliate Program and When?

TripAdvisor pays the affiliate commission via PayPal every month. After a successful transaction, you need to wait for at least 30days or more to get paid.

Why TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor has a global presence and if you are a travel blogger or influencer then you can easily recommend the products and services from TripAdvisor.

No matter in which country you are. You can easily recommend the products and earn money.

It also has a great deep linking system that allows you to search for several useful information and products and start its affiliate. You can also find beautiful textual adverts and banners.

Does TripAdvisor Have Support or Customer Care?

Yes, TripAdvisor has a dedicated affiliate support team that can help you and get in touch with you for any assistance related to commissions, deals, and travel bookings.

3. Travala Affiliate Program

Travala is a travel booking accommodation site that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment. As crypto currency is gaining popularity, its a great time to promote this site and earn in cryptocurrency.

How Much Will I earn from Travala Affiliate?

The program is free to join and it will give you 5% commission, On every booking done from your affiliate account.

How Will you get paid from Travala Affiliate Program and When?

You will be getting paid in CryptoCurrency for your affiliate balance.

Why Travala ?

It’s the only travel accommodation that accept cryptocurrency as a payment. This means that its also attacts users with interest in crypto currency.

4. Expedia Affiliate Program

travel affiliate programs

Expedia is one of the oldest and has the largest affiliate network with more than 500,000+ hotels worldwide. Allowing you to recommend any hotels and services on your site and other networks and earn a great amount of commissions.

How Much Will I earn from Expedia Affiliate Program?

The commission from Expedia ranges from 3% to 11%. The affiliate price depends on the type of transaction and how long the stay is. 

How Will you get paid from Expedia Affiliate Program and When?

Expedia pays their affiliate every month and usually the payment is made on 15th of every month and the minimum balance to be withdrawal is $50.

Why Expedia ?

Expedia has the largest number of affiliate options and has a global presense. It also offers all in one solution from hotels booking, flights ticket, railways, car and more.

Does Expedia Have Support or Customer Care?

Yes, Expedia has their own dedicated support and if you have any problems related to affiliate. Then their support team will definitely help you sort the problem.

5. Agoda Affiliate Program

If you are searching for one of the most trusted travel communities online then Agoda is the perfect fit. Agoda helps you to find and discover accommodations like hotels, resorts, and other services at the best price.

How Much Will I earn from Agoda?

Agoda commission rates for its affiliate is 5%. It means that if you refer a booking of $200, then you earn a hooping commission of $10.

How Will you get paid from Agoda Affiliate Program and When?

Agoda pays their affiliate every month on the 15th and with a minimum balance of $200. The payment is sent via PayPal and the commission is calculated every month basic from the 1st date onwards.

Why Agoda?

Agoda has more than 900,000 properties and services available on its website and has a global presence.

Agoda is also the most trusted affiliate travel community which means your income can be boosted as the website already has a trust base among the people.

Agoda’s affiliate also gets access to all the hotel data, banners, and textual ads to promote their booking on their websites.

Does Agoda Have Support or Customer Care?

Yes, Agoda’s Dedicated affiliate management team is always available for any assistance.

6. AirB&B Affiliate Program

AirB&B is a very famous stay booking service where you can book a variety of properties ranging in different sizes and prices. From 1 bedroom apartment to a Mansion, everything is available to book on AirB&B.

How Much Will I earn from AirB&B? 

Earning from AirB&B is very simple and easy. You can earn upto $70 per transaction and they also give travel credit for a maximum of $5000 per account.

Sharing and inviting people using your referral link gives you a AirB&B credit of $18.

How Will you get paid from AirB&B Affiliate Program and When?

AirB&B pays their affiliate every month via Paypal but they also allow you to utilize the affiliate income to book any service on their website.

Why AirB&B?

AiB&B is a very popular accommodation booking service that allows individual to book their own apartments and properties.

This allows a wide range of properties ranging from cheap to the costliest and small to large size like mansions.

Any Alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative to AirB&B then you can try Lyft, HotelsTonight, Booking, and others.

7. ShareASale

ShareaSale is a marketplace of a wide range of websites and apps that provides affiliate services. Shareasale allows you to join their affiliate network on shareasale and manage all the links and advertisement resources.

ShareASale also handles the payment of all your referrals. This means that if you made a successful referral to any of the programs which you have joined, you can check the balance and the referral amount on ShareASale itself.

How Much Will I earn from ShareASale? 

ShareASale doesn't pay you anything, its the program that you join, pays you. ShareASale is a platform where you can manage and join affiliate programs from other websites.

How Will you get paid from ShareASale Affiliate Program and When?

ShareASale shows your affiliate and referral balance in the dashboard and the payments are sent via PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Why ShareASale?

Since ShareASale is a marketplace and it’s in the market for years and has made its trust and believe among the users and the companies.

It’s easy to join and promote any affiliate program present on their network.

Does ShareASale Have Support or Customer Care?

Yes, ShareASale has Customer support that is dedicated to affiliates.

8. Impact Radius

Impact is also known as Impact radius.

It’s one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketplaces that provide similar services like ShareASale.

Impact has big companies like Envato, ThemeForest, BlueHost, and several other companies in its affiliate network.

How Much Will I earn from Impact? 

Impact doesn't pay you anything, its the program that you join, pays you. Impact is a platform where you can Search, manage and join affiliate programs from other websites.

How Will you get paid from Impact Affiliate Program and When?

Depending on your country, the payment mode can differ. By default, Impact pays their affiliate directly in their bank account.

Why Impact?

Impact is currently the fastest growing Affiliate Platform/marketplace that provides a clean interface with graphs and affiliate reports. It also features a quick link builder, where you can easily create new affiliate links with just a click of a button.

9. Amazon Associates

If your audience is from a country where Amazon is available then this is the best and the easiest way to promote your affiliate products.

Since you can find almost everything on Amazon and starting an affiliate program with Amazon is very simple and easy

How Much Will I earn from Amazon? 

You can earn commissions upto 11% on Amazon products. Amazon lists out the rate of commission on their website based on category.

You can easily find the product and its category and look for the amazon rates

How Will you get paid from Amazon Affiliate Program and When?

To request your payment from Amazon, you have to get a minimum of $100 in your Amazon account as an affiliate sale and your payment will be received after 2 months.

Why Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is used by more than 1 Million affiliate marketers who promote amazon products on their websites.

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and is also trusted by millions of customers worldwide. Whether you wanted to buy a needle or QuadCopter, amazon has for it.

Does Amazon Associates Have Support or Customer Care?

Amazon Associates has 24/7 customer support and a bot that can get most of your answers.

10.Tripver Affiliate Program

If you are an Indian Travel Blogger and want to recommend destination bookings and custom tour plans for famous destination in India and abroad, then Tripver is the Indian company that has an affiliate program by which you can earn some money.

In India, very few travel accommodation companies are providing their affiliate services.

How Much Will I earn from Tripver?

How Will you get paid from Tripver Affiliate Program and When?

Why Tripver Affiliate Program?

Does Tripver Have Support or Customer Care?

Note: We are waiting for an update from the company for all the details on tripver affiliate program.

11. Hotels Combined Affiliate Program

Hotels Combined has a different type of affiliate system. Instead of paying you on a commission rate.

It pays you $2 per lead.

How Much Will I earn from Hotels Combined? 

You can earn from $0.50 to $2 per lead. The cookie is stored for 365 days, means you can refer a visitor and earn from their booking for a full year.

How Will you get paid from Hotels Combined Affiliate Program and When?

Hotels Combined pay regularly every month via PayPal and the minimum balance to be requested for withdrawal must be $100.

Why Hotels Combined?

Hotels Combined offers 365 day cookie, allowing you to earn a huge income from any of your referrals.

It is also one of the most popular websites for hotel comparisons and its demand is rapidly increasing.

Does Hotels Combined Have Support or Customer Care?

Yes, Hotels combined have a dedicated support team with multi-lingual support.

12. TravelPayouts Affiliate Program

Travel Payouts is one of the fastest-growing travel affiliate networks. This website is a marketplace where you can join popular travel websites affiliate program.

It includes more than 60 brands and offers services like flight tickets, hotels, car rental, tours and activities, insurance, and more.

By joining travel payouts, you will have a wide range of services and products available for affiliates and you don’t have to join each network seperately.

How Much Will I earn from TravelPayouts? 

Travel Payouts offers upto 70% revenue share for bookings done from its network. Although the commission rate of each program differs

How Will you get paid from Travel Payouts Affiliate Program and When?

Travel Payouts pays you every month and you can withdraw the money to your Bank Account via Direct transfer, Wire transfer, Web Money, and PayPal.

Why Travel Payouts?

Travel Payouts has more than 250,000 affiliates registered and its is the best source to apply for all affiliate program and manage their earning from a single website.

If you make a single sale on 5 different websites for $20, you can withdraw the money as the minimum withdrawal is set to $100. But in the case of TravelPayouts, you can withdraw even $20 from each website as the income from 5 websites will be $100.

Does — Have Support or Customer Care?

13. Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

Cruise Direct is another travel booking website, but the special thing that distinguishes it from others is the ability to book cruise vacations.

How Much Will I earn from cruisedirect? 

Cruise Direct has a affiliate commission rate of 3%.

How Will you get paid from the Cruise Direct Affiliate Program and When?

Cruise Direct pays you via PayPal and the minimum balance for withdrawal is $25.

Why Cruise Direct?

Cruise Direct allows you to use PPC marketing and it has banner ads, text ads and search boxes. It also provides customized landing pages & banners for top performing affiliates.

It also provides a 45 day cookie, which is significantly higher than and of its competitors.

On Cruise Direct you can also book other travel accommodations and as well as cruise vacations.

Does Cruise Direct Have Support or Customer Care?

Cruise Direct has a separate team for affiliate support and you can access their affiliate support via their email. Their email is [email protected]

14. Wego Affiliate Program

Wego is a travel affiliate website that is designed and made for travel bloggers. Travel Bloggers and influencers can easily earn money by promoting exclusive and interesting offers from Wego.

How Much Will I earn from Wego?

Wego is a CPC Affiliate Program, which means that WEGO will pay you per click instead of commission based on bookings.

The cost of CPC is 
$0.05 - $0.40 for flights
$0.20 - $0.80 for Hotels

How Will you get paid from Wego Affiliate Program and When?

Wego has two methods of payment. The first is PayPal where you can request a withdrawal with a minimum balance of $100 and the second is a Bank Wire transfer of $500.

The payments are made every month between the 15th and 20th. Once you reach the threshold, you can request the payment.

They take 1 month as a lockin period, where the click which are tracked need at least to be 30 days old.

So if you have reached the threshold, then you can request the payment after a month.

Why Wego

If you are someone who wants to earn a good income based on a per-click basis then wego is the best platform for you. You can also use this network and promote during peak seasons to get a great amount of traffic.

15. Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

If you want to promote more than travel accommodations then Lonely planet is for you. Lonely Planet is the world’s largest publisher of travel magazines and guides.

How Much Will I earn from Lonely Planet? 

Lonely Planet pays you a jawfull of commission. the commission rates are
15% for Magazines, Prints and Digital Books
12% for Travel Guides.

How Will you get paid from Lonely Planet Affiliate Program and When?

Lonely Planet pays their affiliate every month via PayPal.

Benefits of Lonely Planet?

Lonely planet has pre-designed digital banners, dynamic banners that you can use to promote their products.

It also has travel guides and magazines allowing you to earn hooping commissions from digital media too.

They have a 30-day cookie policy, which means once you referred a customer and they buy its products or digital media within 30 days, you will earn the commission.

Does Lonely Planet Have Support or Customer Care?

Lonely Planet affiliate will get dedicated support as they have a customer support team specially for affiliates.

16. OYO Affiliate Program

OYO started in India and is the fastest-growing hotel chain. OYO list the hotels as their properties and modify the standards and the theme of the hotels.

You will find a similar experience in every other OYO rooms and hotels.

How Much Will I earn from OYO Rooms? 

You can earn from 3% to 6.5% on every booking you refer. OYO is available in several countries but the Affilaite Program is available for India and USA.

How Will you get paid from OYO Affiliate Program and When?

OYO Pays you out every month directly in your bank account. The payment is made on 15th of every month.

Why OYO?

OYO currently has the biggest hotel chain in this World and is the fastest-growing hotel chain brand.

OYO offers great competitive pricing with lots of facilities and accommodations. The hotels and properties are well maintained and they follow a common set of rules and standards that help you experience a similar standard of luxury in all of their hotels.

Till now, OYO affiliates from India have earned over ₹1,65,80,000. That’s a great income considering you just share a link and earn.

Does OYO Have Support or Customer Care?

Yes, OYO has dedicated affiliate support that you can access under OYO Circle.


The world’s best travel affiliate program is it’s widely used and has a good customer base and already has trust among the customers. It also hosts the most amount of property and accommodations. allows you up to 40% Commissions.

You can become a travel affiliate by joining any of the travel affiliate programs. You must either have a website or have a good social presence.

Yes, Booking, OYO, Tripver, Travelpayouts, and several other companies have a travel affiliate programs in India.

That’s all.

However, your needs may be different from mine. Which plugin is your favorite, and are you currently using it on your site? Do you have any other recommendations to add? Please voice your thoughts in the comments below!

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