9 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Affiliate marketing is a booming industry and millions of bloggers and influencers depend on affiliate marketing for their income.

Among the best source of Affiliate marketing, Amazon is widely used. Although the commission rate of amazon is very low compared to other affiliate sources and marketplace.

But most of the products are available on Amazon and this makes it very easy for the influencers and bloggers to grab a link and share it to their audience and earn affiliate income from it.

But managing the links manually is very hard and you need to create links for each and every product.

But wait, that’s why I used and tested all the Amazon Affiliate Plugins and have listed down the best WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliate. I use the no.1 plugin.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

What are Amazon Affiliate Plugins?

Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress is a piece of software that helps to generate an affiliate link for any product on Amazon from your WordPress dashboard itself. It also allows you to generate affiliate buy buttons, tables, and comparisons with your affiliate link.

There are several WordPress plugins available in the market that has several features. Some are used to create eCommerce stores or an automated blog while others use it wisely on their blog.

What is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress Plugins?

The best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin as per our testing and research is the AAWP. AAWP stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

This piece of software is used by me on my niche websites and also used by top bloggers to ease the work of creating affiliate links.

You can get your own copy of the AAWP WordPress Plugin – Click Here.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Plugins Work?

1. AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)

9 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress - BloggerSprout

AAWP is the widely used Amazon affiliate WordPress Plugin. At present, this software is the #1 in the WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate.

This plugin allows you to display a list of best sellers and new releases products from any category and it offers multiple templates and display options.

The best part is that this plugin gets regular updates and also supports Amazon’s new Product Advertising API.


  1. Supports new Product Advertising API
  2. Supports Text Affiliate links
  3. Allows to add product boxes
  4. Automatically adds the products data fields and metadata
  5. Automatically add your affiliate id and store id
  6. Supports all Amazon store countries.
  7. Allows to create Product Comparison Table
  8. Built-in caching
  9. Supports Google AMP
  10. Supports geotargeting
  11. Completely supports Amazon Standards.


  1. The price is a little higher since it’s in Euros.
  2. Creating a table is only possible from the plugin settings.

Apart from all the features, pros, and cons, the plugin also comes with widgets to display the best seller and new releases for a particular search or a keyword.

It works with all the themes and has its own design elements so whatever theme you are using, you got nothing to worry.

The best feature of the plugin is the add the product boxes using a shortcode, the product boxes include features such as title, description, current availability, and prices, discounts, and call-to-action buttons that are Amazon standards and supports all their rules.

Price: 39 Euro

2. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate – WZone


If you are using WooCommerce for your online store and you want to include related products and sell it on your store and earn some affiliate income then WZone is the plugin you should be looking for.

WZone stands or WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate zone. It is a WordPress plugin that works with WooCommerce plugin.

Learn to Create your Online Store with WooCommerce and get a domain free with BlueHost hosting.

The plugin also tracks the details like the number of clicks, total shipped items and the total revenue generated with your affiliate sales.


  1. Works without Amazon Advertising Product API
  2. Supports pseudo-Dropshipping Store
  3. Supports full-fledge Dropshipping store creation.
  4. Tracks all clicks and revenue earned.
  5. Easily works with WooCommerce.
  6. Import reviews from Amazon
  7. Supports International Amazon Store


  1. Requires WooCommerce to Work
  2. For WooCommerce, you need good hosting – Try BlueHost
  3. Little complicated to use.

WZone is mostly used to create drop shipping stores and amazon affiliate stores that has the capability of a cart function and a checkout process.

This is mostly used by individuals and small startups who focus on creative marketing in low budgets. WZone is also used by influencers to create a store and sell products to their audience.

Price: $49 USD

3. AzonPress

azonpress amazon affilaite

AzonPress is another popular Amazon WordPress Affiliate Plugin and it works similarly to AAWP. AzonPress can generate text-based affiliate links and also create display boxes.

It also comes with several tools to helps you create comparison tables. The plugin helps you create two types of tables, the normal product table, and product comparison tables.


  1. Create comparison product grids
  2. Create single product boxes
  3. Create a comparison simple list
  4. Builtin Geotargeting
  5. Built-in Product Templates


  1. No Caching
  2. No Free Version

AzonPress performance is really great compared to other plugins, the only plugin that can compete with AzonPress is AAWP. The built-in geotargeting automatically redirects the user based on their location.

The product boxes are responsive in nature and will automatically adapt to the screen size. The plugin allows you to create tables and use the shortcode to display them anywhere. Using shortcode also helps you avoid the task of creating the same table again and again.

Price: $31

4. AmaLinks Pro

amalinks pro amazon affilaite

Amalinks Pro is another very popular Amazon affiliate WordPress Plugin that helps you create table, product showcase, popups and CTA buttons.

This plugin also supports Google Events Tracking integration that lets you track product clicks in your Google Analytics.

The plugin imports all the details of the products directly from Amazon so that the details are always relevant and the product boxes and information are always in compliance with Amazon Policies and Standards.


  1. 100% compliance with Amazon Policies
  2. Comes with an easy table builder
  3. Supports Geotargeting
  4. Can work without Amazon API
  5. Beautiful Product Boxes


  1. May impact site speed
  2. Costlier than other plugins

Price: $67 USD /yr

5. AAPro

AAPro amazon affiliate plugin

AAPro is just like WZone but with more features and a beautiful dashboard with lots of stats. AAPro helps you to import Amazon Affiliate products as your WooCommerce Products.

The product’s Buy Button will link out to Amazon’s product page with your affiliate link and if the customer purchases the product within 24 hours then you will be rewarded with a commission.

The plugin also imports the reviews from amazon and helps you add those reviews to your WooCommerce Product reviews which increases customer trust and boost sales.


  1. Comes with its own theme
  2. Helps you setup your own eCommerce store
  3. Great Analytics dashboard
  4. Price Alert system
  5. Wishlist system
  6. Quick Add to cart for Amazon


  1. Needs good hosting – We recommend BlueHost for AAPro.
  2. Ratings on Codecanyon is 2.68 out of 5.00
  3. Support is slow.

This plugin also comes with its own WordPress theme which is a good option for those who don’t want to deal with WooCommerce themes, but it also supports other WooCommerce themes.

AAPro Price: $29 USD / Lifetime License with 6 months of Support.

5. Amazomatic – Amazon Affiliate Money Generator Plugin

Amazomatic amazon affilaite plugin

Amazomatic is yet another Amazon Affiliate plugin that is also known for money generator. This plugin automatically generates the post and the title based on the keywords.

The plugin is the best suitable for a total automated Amazon Affiliate blog that uses the Amazon Advertising API to import and monetize the blog.

The plugin also supports custom post types and also normal post and pages. It can also add tags and categories automatically.

  1. Works without Amazon Advertising API
  2. Automatically generates product featured images
  3. Automatically creates post titles and content.
  4. Automatically adds affiliate links and content.
  5. Supports custom post types and custom fields.
  6. Supports Google translation.

Amazomatic Price: $49

6. Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine best amazon affiliate plugin

This plugin is created by GeniusLinks, a massive company that excels in affiliate marketing and link shortening.

Amazon Link Engine is a Free Plugin and is available in the WordPress Repository for download. The plugin converts all your amazon links to localized links and then adds your affiliate id to it.

Localising the links basically means that plugin will redirect the user based on their geolocation. Means if your amazon link is redirecting to the USA store and a customer from INDIA click the link, then the plugin will automatically redirect the user to the INDIAN amazon store.

Note: You need a GeniusLinks account, which is a paid plan only. So basically this plugin is not a free plugin. And to sync your amazon associate id, you need to link your GeniusLinks account with this plugin.

Price: Plugin is FREE, but needs a Paid plan on SAAS.

7. AmazonSimpleAdmin

AmazonSimpleAdmin amazon affiliate plugin

For those who wants to use a simple plugin to integrate amazon products using shortcodes in WordPress then this plugin is just for you.

Amazon Simple Admin allows you to add amazon products to your WordPress post and pages with simple shortcodes and automatically add you amazon associate id to it.

This plugin also helps you to create collection of products and also manage the collection sets.

  • Allows to create your own design for product templates.
  • Supports all Amazon stores worldwide
  • Integrates Amazon associate id.
  • Supports product review.

Price: Free

8. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links amazon affilaite plugin

Amazon Auto Links is a brilliant WordPress plugin that is very simple to use.

Yes, very Simple!

All you need to do is install the plugin and go to the settings, add your amazon associate id and that’s it.

So the next time when you paste a link copied directly from amazon, the plugin will automatically add the affiliate link to it.

The plugin also allows you to choose your most used categories and once choosen the plugin will automatically display link to products that fall in that category.

You can also generate shortcodes and PHP codes and integrate it with your post and contents.

  • Automatically insert affiliate links based on keywords
  • Filter unwanted products
  • Supports worldwide Amazon Stores
  • Comes with a Widget for WordPress
  • Supports customising the buttons

The best Amazon affiliate plugin is AAWP. AAWP comes with every features that a blogger or an affiliate would want to have on their blog.

You can purchase the plugin and install it on your WordPress site. Once installed, you need to configure the plugins. After configuring the plugin, copy and ASIN code or amazon link and the plugin will do the rest.

By using the AAWP plugin, you can easily add the Amazon products on your WordPress site. The plugin allows you to add text links, product boxes, CTA buttons, product tables and comparison tables.

Yes, you can sell amazon products on your website using WZone plugin. You can sell in 2 ways:- 1. Dropshipping 2. Affiliate Marketing.


I hope this article has helped you to find the best WordPress plugin for Amazon Affilaites. If you have any queries, you can comment below or contact us.

We have tested and listed the plugin so that you can exactly know which plugin to use and the best you can get out of it.

I personally used AAWP and have seen several bloggers use it. The reason is, it’s simple to use, fast, and has all the functions required for any blogger.

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