17 Best Easy Digital Downloads Themes for WordPress

Choose from one of the best Easy Digital Downloads themes for WordPress and expand your online presence with your digital products.

Every freelancer, entrepreneur, blogger, business, and digital business professional has something to sell.

You may sell digital products like ebooks, music, themes, templates, software, course, graphic designs, or any products that can be delivered digitally.

You can sell stuff on your site with these themes instead of relying on 3rd-party platforms that charge high commissions or pay agencies thousands of dollars.

With Easy Digital Downloads you can create a complete system to sell any products, and manage your orders and customers. And you do all of these without any coding knowledge.

So, In this article, we have listed some of the best and most beautiful themes and they are as follows.

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What is EDD – Easy Digital Downloads?

Easy Digital Download a.k.a EDD is an eCommerce plugin like Woocommerce that provides solutions for selling digital products. EDD  can be integrated with Stripe and PayPal and other payment gateways that are popular in your country,  it also allows you to integrate an affiliate system so that you can boost your sales by giving commissions to bloggers and influencer marketing as those who promote your product.

EDD has everything built in that is required for any e-commerce store like purchase history,  transaction records,  purchased products,  cart system,  wishlist anything that you can imagine.

EDD  is an eCommerce plugin but in order to make your website beautiful while using EDD you will require to have a great theme integrated with it.

All WordPress theme doesn’t work with EDD,  since EDD is an e-commerce plugin it has its own system of handling E-Commerce functions and it comes with a default and simple theme. But you can easily override this default and simple theme with many beautiful easy digital downloads themes with a great User experience that can boost your sales and also increase customer trust.

Since we all know that no one likes to visit a boring-looking website to purchase a beautiful product.

So, in this article, I have handpicked the best easy digital download themes for WordPress that you can use for your own website.

1. Mayosis

Mayosis is a digital marketplace WordPress theme with a modern, clean, and superb design and it comes with 10+ pre-made demos. 

Whether you decide to use this theme in marketplace mode, multiple vendors mode, or simply use it for your own online store. It comes with WPBakery and Elementor drag-and-drop page builders (yes, both!) support and has 20+ custom elements, a full-blown blog, and custom header features, a product page, and a checkout page. 

Mayosis also promotes your Freebies along with your paid products to convert the customer and capture the lead.

So whether you plan to sell fonts, icons, UI kits, WordPress themes, or eBooks, you name it, Mayosis has all the features you should need.

2. DGWork

 Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes

DGWork is one of the top WordPress themes to sell digital products that focus on selling art, photos, themes, templates, and other digital downloads.

It comes with a beautiful product page and all the internal pages can be customized according to your preference to match the product that you are selling.

It also provides the facility to create pricing pages to sell different types of licenses, plans, or subscriptions and the theme has all the features that you need to sell any digital goods.

DGWork allows you to create custom single product pages with their own identity,  by allowing you to change the background color, add a photo or video as a description, showcase the price below the header, and add a custom pricing table.

3. Tijarah

easy digital downloads

Tijarah is a marketplace theme for selling digital products online with WordPress and it comes with a selection of demos.

The flexible nature of this theme allows you to configure it in a number of ways, including single or multi-vendor mode.

Tijarah comes with pre-built templates that can be imported easily and the homepage has several sections to promote your products the stylish product page gives you plenty of options to customize.

All the templates are easily customizable as the theme supports Elementor page builder and the fonts, and colors of the theme can also be easily customized.

The theme works with both Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

Learn how to customize WooCommerce Product, Checkout Pages using Elementor.

4. Olam

eidmart Best Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes

Olam is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed for digital marketplaces and online stores, featuring stock photography markets, selling plugins and themes, as well as other digital products.

Olam is compatible with all Easy Digital Downloads extensions, enabling you to build an exclusive marketplace to sell your services or products.

Olam offers 3 product listing styles and 20 unique demos. You have the flexibility to display or hide product pricing information.

This also allows you to accept bookings if you are selling any kind of ticket observations that needs a booking.  Olam supports all these EDD extensions.

  • EDD Frond End Submission
  • Easy Digital Downloads Wishlists
  • EDD Commissions
  • EDD Reviews
  • EDD Points & Rewards
  • EDD Social Login
  • Easy Digital Downloads Recommended Products
  • EDD Acquisition Surveys
  • EDD Recurring Payments
  • EDD Bookings
  • EDD Free Downloads
  • Downloads As Services
  • EDD External Products
  • EDD Auto Register
  • EDD Software Licensing
  • EDD Content Restriction

This theme is really awesome if you want to create your own digital Marketplace

This theme offers one-click demo import, 600+ google fonts, customizable mobile responsive designs, and follows industry standard SEO practice.

5. Stocky

stocky sell photos Best Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes

Stocky is the ideal platform for photographers to showcase their works and generate income.

It has a sophisticated design which makes it ideal for selling photographs. Furthermore, you can invite other photographers to sell their products alongside yours, while automatically extracting EXIF data from your images.

It enables you to sell multiple photo sizes at individual prices and automatically generates galleries for your pictures.

Additionally, it has a plugin that extracts keywords from photos using Adobe Lightroom and adds them as WordPress content tags.

6. ThemePlace

ThemePlace is a marketplace WordPress theme for selling digital products online.

It allows you to create a multi-vendor marketplace where other sellers can sell their products and you can earn a fee from every sale, or share profits and manage their products from the storefront.

It is widely used by theme and template sellers and the theme provides complete SEO integration to boost the presence of your products the design of the theme can be easily modified using Elementor Page Builder.

So if you want a clean and modern marketplace wordpress theme to sell digital goods, then Themeplace has got everything.

7. Aabbe

Selling digital goods has never been more straightforward. All that’s required is Aabbe, and the rest is pure magic!

This outstanding WordPress theme from Easy Digital Downloads comes packed with valuable content to help you expand your business.

Aabbe is an impressive solution, boasting seven homes and more than 20 inside pages that are compatible with MailChimp support, as well as being fully capable of integrating with multi-vendor marketplaces. Aabbe truly stands as a formidable solution.

No need to stress over codes when working on your website platform with Aabbe – its versatility and all-purpose nature ensure that no code issues arise.

8. Awam

easy digital downloads themes

From the outset, Awam stands out. Its captivating web design makes it ideal for online portfolios as well as freelancers and agencies providing full support to digital products.

Awam Is a modern and clean easy digital downloads themes that are built for businesses.  whether you are running a web design business, freelance business, or agency, this theme will just fit your needs.

Create stunning masterpieces and sell them too – this plugin can help take your enterprise to new heights.

Awam is an impressive model with plenty of remarkable features that can propel your career to new heights.

Parallax and particle effects, multi-page support, before/after images progress bars, as well as portfolio sliders are just some of the features Awam provides its customers. Make your business and other items shine online with Awam!

9. BusinessHub

Best easy digital downloads themes

Business Hub is one of the most popular easy digital download wordpress themes which is created by CactusThemes of Themeforest.  Business Hub comes with 6 different homepages ranging from traditional design to modern design layouts.

Business Hub is a complete wordpress theme that has all the features built-in and also it can be integrated with an easy digital download as it has built-in pages and functions to accompany with EDD plugin.

Business Hub Is a completely responsive theme and has outstanding support.  the theme comes with a premium plugin provided to you completely free. The premium plugin is visual composer, click import,  Revolution slider,  RTL support, and many more.

The thing comes with portfolio pages,  project pages, services, and a digital store.  all these functions and pages help your customers to easily navigate to their desired product and find all the respective information.

The theme also includes the Megamenu, which allowed to creation of stunning-looking menus in WordPress just like the big e-commerce websites.

10. Soundbox

Best Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes

Music is loved by everyone and enjoyed by all. Whether you understand the language or not it doesn’t matter.  With the increasing music and the demand for it, many new artists are Rising.  but since popular music services don’t accept new talent or artists.

It’s hard for them to get recognized in this noisy world since buying a city is not an option anymore.  lots of new art is chosen to create their own store to sell your music to the audience.

Something like Ed Sheeran or Alan Walker.

Soundbox allows you to sell your music to your new audience and promote them everywhere you want.  this theme is a perfect feat for musicians for music companies to sell any kind of digital product, not just music.

If you are someone who is not into music but wants to sell other digital products then you can definitely use Soundbox. This theme easily integrates with easy digital downloads and allows you to sell any kind of digital product on your website.

This theme also comes with pre-designed pages and also includes the Revolution slider plugin, visual composer, and several others. Using soundbox you can also create a subscription model as well and also have a custom pricing and song feel ring using quality

11. Musik

musik ecommerce theme

Musik Is a wordpress theme built with an easy digital download that looks something like Spotify. Musik is a wordpress theme for musicians,  music companies, and artist which allows you to organize your music content by genre, release, albums, artists, events, and year.

Musik has a clean build user interface that looks like you are using a completely built music system something like Spotify. It’s convenient to use and listen to music on this word prospect.

By using this theme you can allow your customer to purchase the music that they like. Musik has also the function to purchase the entire album for all the music from their favorite artist.

This theme also has the functionality to showcase the leading songs based on countries,  weekly, artists, and the most listened-to music.

12. Webify

webify wordpress theme

Webify Is there a multipurpose wordpress theme for easy digital downloads plugin.  with this theme, you can easily create landing pages for specific products and sell your products to your customers. Webify comes with tons of predefined Demos which you can easily import with just one click of a button send it back one-click demo importer plugin as well.

This theme supports all the post formats like 

  • Standard
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Audio

And Has several page templates for quick and easy use. The type of templates are:-

  • Portfolio
  • Blog Classic
  • Blog Masonry
  • One Page
  • Portfolio

13. Reco

14. Bookory

Bookory is a WordPress theme designed specifically to facilitate the sale of ebooks online.

With WooCommerce integration, you have full creative control over how your store looks and functions – with plenty of customizable options. Bookory makes selling ebooks online easier than ever before!

Bookory, an innovative theme, provides book previews and ratings, reviews, and comparison tools. It’s perfect for online bookshops as these templates already include pre-designed layouts that can be utilized when creating content for books.

These customizable templates can be tailored to create a professional website for your business. Bookory and Elementor can be combined to form an online shop, enabling you to edit all demos, templates, product pages – even gift vouchers! Furthermore, Bookory boasts numerous eCommerce features designed specifically with selling online in mind.

15. Cognio

Best Easy Digital Download WordPress Themes

Cognio is an easy digital download wordpress theme built to sell books.  if you are an author or publisher who would like to sell your books online.  then this thing can really help you to achieve it.

Cognio is a modern-looking wordpress theme with built pages and responsive design and an E-Commerce system built in that allows you to showcase your product and also give the required information on your blog.

Cognio supports multiple eye catchy designs and features like call-to-action buttons and a quick checkout system.  whether you have only one book or you have multiple books to cell you can use this theme.

16. Ekko

Ekko is the ideal theme for digital product sales online.

Ekko offers a range of eCommerce demos for selling digital products, from single-product websites to stores with large inventories. Plus, its seamless integration with WooCommerce gives you complete control over the look and feel of your store.

The Ekko Multipurpose WordPress theme is ideal for many projects due to its versatility and adaptability. With a page builder built-in, you can quickly create unique layouts and designs on your website with ease – even beginners will be able to get up and running quickly creating professional-looking websites.

The Ekko Multipurpose WordPress theme features a page builder and an extensive library of pre-designed layouts and templates. You can customize each template to give your website its own distinctive look with ease.

Ekko offers over 250 template blocks to make creating websites effortlessly. Plus, you can access features like page templates and content elements directly from the library. Furthermore, Ekko comes with WPBakery Page Creator – a premium plugin that lets you customize your site in numerous ways.

Ekko provides a selection of templates designed to accommodate various web design aesthetics.

17. Eidmart

Eidmart Is their digital Marketplace for WordPress built on an easy digital download plugin.  This WordPress theme allows you to sell digital products like stock photos, themes, plugins,  software, audio, video, music, fonts, icons, and much more.

Eidmart comes pre-packed with elementor page builder and has pre-built pages and templates ready to be imported with just one click of a button.

The theme has more than 10 home page styles and several types of single product variation templates that allow you to easily choose and pick the best suit for your needs.

The look and feel of Eidmart are inspired by ThemeForest. Basically, if you are using this theme then it will be hard for your customer to easily distinguish between your website and ThemeForest. 

With more than 75+ Useful Elements and Highly Styled And lifetime updates,  you won’t regret making the purchase of this


That’s all.

However, your needs may be different from mine. Which plugin is your favorite, and are you currently using it on your site? Do you have any other recommendations to add? Please voice your thoughts in the comments below!

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