Fluent Support: Is it The Best Customer Support Plugin for WordPress


Every online business needs a customer support portal and if you are trying to find a customer support handling software that is easy to use and would not break your bank, then this plugin is just for you.

Fluent Support is a Customer Support plugin that runs on WordPress and is very easy to use and have all the feature that you would require to provide a great customer support experience.

I have used HelpScout, ZenDesk, FreshDesk, and HelpWise to provide support for my business and our Customers from GloriousMotive and GloriousThemes. Most of these services are similar and they are quite expensive when you need more resources.

fluent support

I use WordPress every day and all my blogs run on WordPress I was trying to find out a plugin that can offer a similar service like the SAAS companies but with WordPress and with no monthly payments.

That’s when I discovered Fluent Support. And now I’m using it as my support Plugin for our customers at GloriousMotive Support.

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What is Fluent Support?

Fluent Support is a WordPress plugin that adds HelpDesk features to your WordPress site. This plugin is created by WP Manage Ninja and it integrates fluently with Fluent Forms and Fluent CRM.

I use all of their plugins whether it be Fluent Forms, Fluent CRM or Fluent Support and I’m a fan of their products as the plugins works seamlessly and never slows down your website and get regular development and updates.

It also integrates with other WordPress plugin to automate your help desk tasks and manage your customer queries.

If you combine Fluent Support with Fluent CRM and Fluent Forms, you will get have the ultimate software to manage your customers and their problems without Monthly Payments.

Its a Single Page Application made with VueJS & REST API which makes this plugin blazing fast and it integrates with WooCommerce, EDD, LearnDash, LifterLMS and several other plugins.

No other WordPress plugin in the market have any features like Fluent Support.

Video of Fluent Support.

Fluent Support Free VS Premium?

Fluent Support comes with a Free plugin in the WordPress Repository. The free plugin has preety good amount of features but for business who want to provide the best customer service, they should go for the Premium version.

Here is a quick comparison of Free and Premium version of Fluent Support.

Features of Fluent SupportFree
Unlimited Ticketschecked-true
Unlimited Userschecked-true
Unlimited Agentschecked-true
Unlimited Productschecked-true
Email Pipingchecked-true
Advanced Reportingchecked-true
Quick Reply Templatechecked-true
Internal Noteschecked-true

Pros & Cons of Fluent Support?

Nothing in this World is Perfect and so is Fluent Support, Whent I started to use this plugin, there we things which i expected to have in it but the plugins missed those features.

So I have listed a few Pros and Cons, that you must know.


  • Saves more than $1500 per year compared to Helpscout, ZenDesk and FreshDesk.
  • One time purchase and no monthly payments headache.
  • Unlimited tickets, agents, customers.
  • Use your blogposts as knowledgebase.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, EDD and several other plugins.
  • Receive notifications directly in Telegram, Slack or Discord.
  • In-detailed Reports and Stats.


  • No Live Chat Feature.
  • Email Pipping and Web Support can’t be used together.
  • Limited Automation.
  • Have to assign eachTickets to an agent.

How to get Fluent Support?

To get Fluent Support Premium Plugin, click the button below and make your purchase.

Once you purchase your own Fluent Support Plugin, you will also receive a License Key that will allow you to receive automatic updates and support from the team.

Note: You can also use Fluent CRM if you want to have a CRM feature integrated with your Customer support.


Fluent Support Vs HelpScout?

Here is a quick comparison of Fluent Support and HelpScout. HelpScout has several features and is widely used, but if you want to get unlimited agents, unlimited users, and other features then you need to choose the annual plan of the Company with $60 a month per user.

Features of Fluent SupportFluent
Unlimited Ticketschecked-truechecked-true
Unlimited Userschecked-truechecked-wrong
Unlimited Agentschecked-truechecked-wrong
Unlimited Productschecked-truechecked-wrong
Email Pipingchecked-truechecked-true
Advanced Reportingchecked-truechecked-true
Quick Reply Templatechecked-truechecked-true
Internal Noteschecked-truechecked-true
Price ( 1 Year & all features )$130

In the quick comparison of HelpScout and FluentSupport, We can clearly see that Fluent Support is a better choice over helpscout and it’s also budget-friendly.

Check offers for Fluent Support.

Fluent Support Vs ZenDesk?

Zendesk is used by companies that have a huge customer base and a lot of money to spend on customer support.

Zendesk’s basic pricing starts with $588 / year and has limited features on that plan.

So for bloggers, agencies, and small businesses, fluent Support is a perfect fit when it comes to the features and the price of the software.

Features of Fluent SupportFluent
Price ( 1 Year & all features )$130
Unlimited Ticketschecked-truechecked-wrong
Unlimited Userschecked-truechecked-wrong