Top 9 Best Help Desk WordPress Plugins for Support

If you are looking for a help desk plugin for WordPress to provide great customer support. Then in this article, we have hand-picked the best help desk customer support plugin for WordPress

Customer Support is very crucial for business and to manage customer support, fluent support is the best plugin right now. It’s built on VUEjs and WordPress API which makes it super fast and it has a clean interface and modern features.

Quality customer support will help your business to increase its revenue and also increase your customer satisfaction which will indirectly increase your brand awareness and promote your website in different ways

Customer support is not just about closing a support ticket and creating a new one with the motive of just answering the question.  there are certain times that a single customer can create multiple support tickets and if you are not using a good helpdesk login then all the questions will get mast under 18 and this will create a big problem for you and also the customer.

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What is Help Desk Software?

Help desk software is a piece of software that is designed to centralize all the tickets and messages coming from different stream channels and so it in a particular way so that your agents and you can help your customer solve their problem

The main motive of help desk software is to reduce the time it takes to answer the customer’s query and also manage the customer’s information and handle their queries in a step-by-step way.

The benefits that every help desk software should have:-

UI / UX:  the help software  should be designed in such a way that your customer and your agents can easily navigate and use the help desk software to its full potential without getting confused about the features and the  way it works

Cost-effectiveness:  running a full-fledged help desk software can be sometimes very costly and small and medium businesses cannot afford this so so a good help the software should also be cost-effective so that the entire team of a small or medium business can use it

Scalability:  the software should have enough features that it could be scared in the future if necessary as businesses keep growing and there would be a certain time where it would require upgrading the plan or using more resources so that the customer’s support could be handled easily.

Important Features When Choosing Help Desk Support for Customer Support

Customers get confused with lots of options when it comes to choosing a great help desk support plugin for wordpress or your business.

There are tons of helpdesk support portals in the market and each of them provides a unique feature and experience to its customer.

However, the main motive for choosing help desk support is to help the customer to solve the problem and manage the customer queries in an easy way.

 so these are the features that you should look for in a good help desk support plugin

Ticketing:  Tickets are the way how you are going to communicate with your customer and manage their queries.  make sure that it’s easy to create and close tickets and also add internal  notes and various other tags and assign them customer status so that other urgent can easily know what’s going on with that customer and its support status

CRM:  Customer Relationship Management e is a very important feature for every help desk support plugin.  there may be cases when one customer can create several tickets and different agents med apply different answers for the same query that the customer has created on different tickets.

having an integrated CRM allows your support agent to look at all the previous tickets created by the customer and close the unnecessary ones a look at the history of the customer so that he or she can support the customer in the best way.

Integration:  every help desk support should have all the popular integrations built-in so that you can easily transfer your customer data or assign some other information to the ticket using integrations.

Knowledge base:  there are certain times that a query has been answered in a knowledge base and if any of your customers have asked for the same then you can just pull the knowledge base right from the ticket and give that link all the entire information from the knowledge base to the customer.

This feature helps you save time and also so have the customer get the best answer for their queries. 

What is the Best Help Desk WordPress Plugins

We have listed wordpress plugins as well as 3rd party solutions and software that integrates with WordPress.

1. Fluent Support

fluent support

Fluent Support is the latest help desk plugin for WordPress that has got all the SAAS features Is super fast and has a very friendly user dashboard that allows anyone to easily understand What’s going on with your customer support

Fluent support is made by WPManageNinja who are the creators of events CRM and fluent forms and you can combine all these three plugins all together as they have great integration built-in.

If you want to keep a record of your customer data then Fluids CRM can easily get integrated with fluent support and every time a customer creates a ticket fluence CRM capture the username and their email id and sets it in their database

It is made with wordpress backend API and uses Vue JS to display everything in the front and which needs no reload of the page which means it works completely on the same page and is super clean and super fast. 


Also check the Unbiased Review of Fluent Support: Is it the Best Help Desk Software?

Key features of 

  • Create unlimited tickets,  customers,  products, and Agents.
  • Email piping.
  • Built on Vue JS, which provides instant loading.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Uses fewer server resources.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Internal Notes.
  • Quick reply templates.
  • Automation.


  • Saves more than $1500 per year compared to Helpscout, ZenDesk, and FreshDesk.
  • One-time purchase and no monthly payments headache.
  • Unlimited tickets, agents, customers.
  • Use your blog posts as a knowledge base.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, EDD, and several other plugins.
  • Receive notifications directly in Telegram, Slack, or Discord.
  • In-detailed Reports and Stats.


  • A limited number of integration.
  • No live chat feature.
  • No built-in knowledge base.


$130 Year 

2. WSDesk

With wsdesk, you can create your own custom support portal within WordPress and the setting of this plugin is really simple as it comes with a setup wizard.

WS Desk has some unique features and it can integrate with some of the most popular wordpress plugins like woo commerce and digital download

One of its unique features is the pay-for-support integration why you can charge your customer for the support and can give them credit so that you can charge them as per their usage.

It also allows you to send SMS notifications to the customer every time and ticket has been created for insert and you can do the same with email base notifications also.  the plugin also allows you to create a custom message to agents via Google chat so that every time I think it has been updated for you want to Trigger your agents for a custom notification then you can do it  very easily

Key features of 

  • Unlimited tickets and Agents.
  • Simple interface.
  • Comes with triggers and automation.
  • Also has an email-based support system.
  • Who commerce and easy digital download integration.
  • Comes with a backup and restore feature.
  • Accept payments for support from your customers.
  • Send custom notifications using SMS or email.


  • Email piping.
  • Automatically assigning and tagging tickets.
  • Enabling email automation, triggers, blocking, and filtering.
  • Quick reply templates.
  • Customer feedback and agent satisfaction rating.
  • Saral integrations.


  • The interface could be a little outdated.
  • Very few Analytics and reporting.


$89/year for 1 Site to $249/year for 25 Sites

3. Awesome Support

This is another great plugin for customer support for WordPress.  this plugin has got everything that you want in customer support helpdesk software. 

This plugin allows you to create unlimited agents unlimited customers tickets and products and has got a wide range of features that you can choose whether you want to activate it or not

The features come as an extra add-ons for the plugin which means you can choose which features you want and you can install the same add-on for it

 awesome support has been for years and is known for its quality but the only downside that I don’t like is it feels quite outdated and the dashboard and interface have not been updated for a long time.

 if you want someone who wants to have a ton of features and you don’t care about the user interface then this is the plugin that you should choose. 

An awesome supporter has got a free version which you can download from and test before you make a purchase 

Key features of 

  • More than 28 premium add-ons and features
  • Automatic ticket close for abandoned tickets
  • Satisfactory survey and ratings
  • Cloud storage integration
  • Create a ticket from the email
  • Department and product-based ticket routing
  • Integration with Woocommerce  easy digital download and Envato
  • Multiple reports and Analytics 


  • It can support a wide variety of industries.
  • Completely integrates with the WordPress.
  • Create unlimited everything.
  • It comes with the documentation module and frequently asked module.
  • Quick reply templates.
  • Security stores confidential information of customers.


  • The design seems to be outdated.
  • Lots of addons Mein slow down your website.
  • Lacks automation.
  • Unprofessional Analytics.
  • Bad user interface.


$149 – $409

4. Total Desk

The total desk is an in one help desk wordpress plugin that allows you to have a ticket-based system with notifications and live chat build-in.  it also has a knowledge base it allows you to create unlimited knowledge base articles which easily get integrated with this help desk plugin

This plugin is for someone who is looking for all the features at an affordable price as this plugin has very few add-ons and most of the things are built-in.

The developers of this plugin we launch are an Elite author on Envato marketplaces this plugin has got some awesome features like Dragon drop post reordering,  live search,  FAQ, and multiple ways off notifications such as email slack and desktop notifications.

Key features of 

  • Different ways to create a new ticket.
  • Fetches email from the inbox.
  • Multiple modes of notification.
  • Built-in live chat feature.
  • Built-in the knowledge base.
  • Built in advanced reporting and Analytics.
  • Built-in history and logging system.
  • Easily gets integrated with Woocommerce and slack.


  • Easy to use.
  • Tons of features.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lifetime free updates.


  •  Limited integrations.
  •  Outdated user interface.
  •  Limited features.



5. KB Support

kb support help desk customer support wordpress

KBsupport is a free plugin that is available in the WordPress repository if you want to create a help desk for your customers

 KB support has got almost everything that you want out of help desk software.  and the best part is that it’s free.  although it has got some paid extensions the free version is enough to run a helpdesk for your customer support.

This plugin has got plenty of features and you can easily check all the features that it has got from the wordpress repository.

Key features of 

  • Customers can create tickets without creating an account.
  • Has got built-in spam protection.
  • Add private notes to the tickets.
  • Comes with plenty of sir quotes.
  • Auto-assign agents to the ticket.
  • Has a built-in knowledge-based system.


  • It’s free.
  • You can create unlimited tickets and customers.
  • Check whether an agent is online.
  • Email notification for all events to the admin and customer.


  • Some important features are paid add-ons.
  • Has very few features.


kb support pricing help desk customer support wordpress

FREE, Has Pro Addons

3rd Party Customer Support Software

This software is ready to use and requires no setup on your side. This software is mostly saas (software-as-a-service) and they charge you monthly or annually.

Mostly medium and big companies and businesses use this software as their revenue is quite high and they can afford these platforms.

 if you are a Startup or a small business then this office can be pretty expensive for you But it also had its own advantages.  like you don’t need to set up this software,  your data is pretty safe,  you can’t accidentally delete anything, and you don’t need to manage everything from the admin site like hosting and security systems

 among all the best help the support software I have listed down  a few those are really good at help does and is really easy to use

1. HelpScout

helpscout help desk customer support wordpress

Helpscout is a science-best help desk and knowledge-based software where anyone can sign up easily and create their own knowledge base and a help desk ticket system software with a live chat feature and integration to hundreds of other portals and APIs.

It requires really no setup and you can choose between different types of theme designs and fonts.

Getting started with helpscout is very easy,  all you need to do is sign up with them and create your own helpdesk with the knowledge base and choose a plan.

They also provide custom domain so that you can easily map your domain with them and everything that you ever need to run help this customer service portal are already integrated into the system.

Key features of 

  • Very easy to set up and use
  •  customer-friendly support
  •  multiple plants that can suit your purpose and budget
  •  it has more than 50 + integrations and API
  •  integrates with popular software like Salesforce Jira HubSpot apps


  •  Clean interface
  •  customer friendly dashboard
  •  easy to manage customer and knowledge base
  •  comes with two mailboxes and one document website
  •  has life chat integrated
  •  Automated workflows
  •  custom properties


  •  Can get expensive if you want more than two mailboxes
  •  as a customer of 25 uses for the cheapest plan
  •  at once API and custom fields are only available at Higher plans 


help scout pricing help desk customer support wordpress

Starts with $20 for a month/ user

2. FreshDesk

Best for Medium to Large-sized businesses looking to centralize their sales, support, and everything related to it.

freshdesk help desk customer support wordpress

FreshDesk is a suite of plugins that you can avail yourself of. It’s one of the most widely used customer support software around the globe.

It gets integrated with all the major CMS and you can easily integrate with all the major APIs. FreshDesk pulls your customer’s queries from all the social media and your email inbox allowing you to easily manage them in one platform and you can reply to queries right from the dashboard.

Key features of 

  • Omnichannel support
  • Canned Responses, Team inbox, and Custom Ticket Status
  • Ownership sharing and linked tickets
  • Integrated channels like email, phone, chat, social media, website and WhatsApp
  • Custom fields and Multiple types of automation
  • Comes with AI and converts email to the Knowledge base
  • Custom Reports


  • Tons of features
  • Everything is customizable
  • 100s of Integration
  • Comes with AI
  • Supports all channels


  • Can get quite pricy
  • Adding new agents will increase the monthly plan


freshdesk pricing help desk customer support wordpress

Starts with $25 agent/month

3. ZenDesk

Best for Medium-sized businesses that want to centralize their support and have several agents.

zendesk help desk

ZenDesk used to be a single application for support only, but now the company has introduced its suite which allows you to integrate and use ZenDesk Chat, Guide and talk under one platform.

Therefore if you are a small and medium-sized business and want a customer help desk with all those features and don’t want to deal with hosting and maintaining then this platform is the best.

The user interface will require your time as it’s a learning curve but in the end, if the day, it is worth the time.

Key features of 

  • Collect tickets from various channels like social media, SMS, email, and others.
  • Multiple Support Tickets forms
  • Business automation and triggers
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence ( AI )


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Integrated with 500+ apps and services
  • Comes with call center tools.


  • lack of good interface
  • lacks fewer apps compared to FreshDesk


help desk zendesk pricing
  • Suite Team: $49 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • Suite Growth: $79 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • Suite Professional: $99 per agent per month (billed annually)

4. Zoho Help Desk

zoho help desk customer support

Zoho is a suite of tools for customer support. It provides you with an Omni-channel customer support help desk as it gives you comprehensive solutions and tools to deliver great customer service.

More than 50,000 Businesses support the Zoho help desk and use their tools to deliver a smooth experience to their customers.

One of the major advantages of using Zoho is that it has got all kind of apps under its suite whether is billing, inventory, or payroll and the price of the plans are also very reasonable.

Key features of 

  • Auto-tagging tickets.
  • Automatically sort tickets.
  • Built-in FAQs and KnowledgeBase to help customers find answers without creating tickets.
  • Notification rules to get notified to certain persons on certain events.


  • Real-time insights and analytics.
  • Create templates to respond to customers easily.
  • Create customizable reports.


  • It will take significant time to learn how to use the Zoho Helpdesk as the learning curve is pretty steep.


zoho pricing help desk
  • Free For Up To 3 Agents: $0
  • Standard: $14 per agent per month
  • Professional: $23 per agent per month
  • Enterprise: $40 per agent per month

Final Thoughts

If you are a WordPress user or your business runs on WordPress and you want a help desk that runs on WordPress then Fluent Support is the best choice for you. If you want a not hosted solution the HelpScout is the right choice.

If you are a small to medium-sized business that wants to centralize their help desk customer support portal then ZenDesk is the suggestion.

And for the medium to large-sized business that wants everything and doesn’t want to deal with the hosting and other problems, then FreshDesk is a must.

Since every business is different and suggesting 1 software for all of them would be foolish, that is why I have

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